squeezing until happiness pops out

so i wasn't so happy with starting my day in tears..in fact it pissed me off more. i don't know if you've noticed but i like to write and i like to convey my current attitude in my writing so i felt pretty bad that i was basically screaming down my best bud's throat thu the world wide web.

i had to take action yo. i had to drop the tears with the quickness and get over the "poor me" so i immediately started squeezing things out of my day in order to beat the funk.

so i scanned the ugliest dogs in the world...got some chuckles. pretended to karate chop a guy i work with in the throat (scared him enough to drop his cell phone..hee hee) laughed a bit harder and then the happiness just started coming. my buddy from work helped me with my sister's bridal shower invitation stuff (they're perdy) and work didn't kick me arse, my buddy asked if i'd watch twilight...are you kidding me?! and i get frozen yogurt. PLUS i found great gifts for the gracious married couple i will be staying with when i go back home...

ahhh i love squeezing out happiness. turned that darn stupid ugly pooh pooh morning into a lovely day.

smiles all day 'err day!


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