secret society

if you're female and one of my close buds then you've probably more than likely heard me speak about two groups of people who i find to be quite fascinating. One group consists of actors. ( i swear whenever i'm faced to face with someone who's made it i don't gush and guffaw. i want to inspect them; check for the magic dust that got them thru the door) the same goes for the second group of folks, married woman.

ah to be a bride...

i swear i want to be an archeologist and just study the mess out of the specimen known as "wife". this select group of females live, walk and talk like us single gals but i swear there's some sort of magic dust, some elusive club they are inducted into that the rest of us don't have a clue about.

my theory is women with boyfriends are spotted by this elusive group. the group does extensive background checks and finds the girl worthy of life's wifey secrets. they seek the girl out, throw her in the back of an unmarked black van and spend the next couple of days teaching the girl what to do in order to get ole boy to propose. i of course have never penetrated the secret layer of where all this goes down so i'm not sure what the rites of passage are but i'm sure they're super cool; complete with handshakes and wiggle dances.

i'm reading a book right now about a young chinese girl who is being prepared for marriage. she's learning how to play an instrument, paint flowers, bind her feet...the list goes on and it takes months to do.

i wonder if this practice still goes on today with a few minor upgrades (girls no longer have to break their darn feet in order to land a dude).

i don't know what it is but you can bet your bottom dollar that i'll be sniffin around the women i know who are recently engaged/married. i will get to the bottom of this power they possess if it's the last thing i do! mwahahahaaaaa


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