peace be still

be wise. be still. be shy like turtle. move slowly, move carefully towards something good.

there's a silver lining in even the darkest of corners. when you've been beaten down to the point of emotional and physical fatigue the only thing one can do is slow...slow can be good :) slow is perfect for working on an old but beautiful idea, "peace be still".

today i plan to be like the turtle (not the ninja variety...think tortoise and the hare)

have you ever watched a baz luhrmann film? he does this crazy cool film technique where he has everything in the shot moving ridiculously fast and then he slows it down just as fast as he sped it up. (check out moulin rouge or romeo + juliet for examples) i feel like i was running at the speed of light and now i'm slowing it down...choppin that stuff up like dj screw.

it's good for the soul. it's what's for dinner.


  1. Great post. And great photo. I want to hold that turtles hand...or paw...or claw...or hoof...what would you call that?!


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