hangin with the testosterone troop

sometimes ya just need a good man. sometimes you even need two.

girls, you are seriously missing out if you live with the belief that dudes are incapable of being good girlfriends. i hung out with d and my newbie friend mark all weekend long and it's been JUST.WHAT.I.NEEDED!

first of all guys can seriously give you a one up on any guy problems/enigmatic matters you may be facing. they can break down the male mind the correct way. ladies we can guess all day long but that ish is really much too weird to tackle with estrogen alone.

they tell you when to shut up so you don't obsessively talk about pea-brain silly matters.

they go to the freakin horse races with you, then wake up at the butt crack of dawn and do spin classes with you...then watch hilarious movies like "the hangover" with you and even watch chick flicks like "he's just not that into you".

it was such a good day to hang with the fellas. i have pics from last night. my buddy ian had his birthday at the races due to the fact that beer and hot dogs are a $1..yes, you read that right.

it was a darn good weekend and here are some pics as proof :)

my buddy ian from work

the birthday boy is about to gamble

the race track

my buddy mark

this is where they show the horses off before they race

the married couple

work buds

lol i thought this shot wouldn't be as funny post alcohol buzz but it still is


  1. I LOVE horse races. Probably because the one time I went I won some major cash. ha!
    Looks like you had a blast! :)


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