Drama you're drama!

drama is drama for me right now...

i woke up at 2 am this morning and randomly checked my phone messages. the guy who runs my acting workshop had sent a mass email out congratulating a chick from class winning the stinkin monologue contest that i had submitted to a couple of months ago.

today i really dislike acting. i'm just gonna say it. i'm just gonna be ugly for a minute so brace yourselves...i can't STAND hearing about other people booking commercials. i can't STAND hearing that they win contests that are gonna propel their careers forward. i can't STAND hearing my agents talk about the economy jacking up the entertainment business and then telling me to keep my day job. i can't STAND the drama of drama.

this crap blows. i want to beat the 4 year old me upside the frickin head for even thinking going into this business was a fun idea.

i refuse to take any of it back either. it's out there...i hate drama's drama.


  1. You sound like you don't want to hear this, but keep pursuing the dream. Nobody ever said it would be easy. It will however, be worth all the effort you put forth. Peace and blessings.

  2. Sorry things are stinkin' right now, Tishy. Hang in there. I know lots of actors are feeling the same way (only because there's one in my family!) right now and just aren't brave and honest enough to admit it. I love your honesty!

  3. Don't give up. You've made it so far. Bumps in the road come along the way all the time. Find your passion again and let it all pour out. We all believe in you!!

  4. Now that you've let all of that out, take a deep breath. Step back.

    Best advice anyone ever said to me: What would you like to do all day long, even if they didn't pay you?

    If your answer is acting - you are STILL on the path! Take away something from your experience and try again!

    KU grads can DO IT!


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