do you ever have one of those days?


i'm having one of those days where i just feel like a bag of pooh and i need to write to get it out of my system...i mean who wants to be pooh? (or look like it in the above case)

life can sometimes be a series of unfortunate events and i find that i sometimes flip the HECK out over these little unfortunates. today i had a minor blip that left me crying at my desk (and no it's not that time)...

all i'm saying is i can not wait to go home this week. kansas city, thank you for strategically placing yourself into my future couldn't have come at a better time!


  1. I'm glad you get to go home this weekend - have a wonderful time recuperating in the homeland :)

    I feel you on the bag o' pooh today. Mostly due to the $2000 I have to put into my car... that's about $3000 more than what I have available...

  2. This trip really is coming at a good time. I need a serious break.

    (p.s. I find the dog's collar to be rather delightful.)


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