you're the darker side of the moon

i'm in what i assume to be the best kind of 'funk' one can be in, if they so choose to be in one.

i haven't really felt like doing much of anything but still have the moxy to run and get into the on some personal career goals i've been going after as of late, etc. i guess being on the dark side of something already so bright always gives you a leg up on not being the queen of the debbie

i cleared my calendar for this pasadena morning or acting workshop. i plan to write to my little heart's content, lay out if it's sunny and hang with my marathon training buddy (we'll call him the trainer) down at the beach for this restaurant tour event at some point.

do you ever have times where you just need to shut down completely? i need a serious reboot before i can interact with anyone...big sigh of fatigue.


  1. YES. Absolutely. Enjoy it, girl. Can't wait to read all about it. :)

    p.s. I just watched Marley and Me. Nothing like crying for an hour. lol.


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