spock mentality

i'm a new soul...
i came to this strange world
hoping i could learn a bit about give and take
but since i came here felt the joy and the fear
finding myself making every possible mistake

yael...you SING it gurl you SING it!

i love it when i love songs without paying attention to the lyrics, then find out what they actually say and/or mean and fall in love even more. i feel that way about miss naim's tune.

intentional head boppin' is a beautiful thang.

i had such a great lovely weekend. my friend kim pointed out that i never gave an update on the cervical cancer scare. well it turns out that i didn't have full blown cancer. i have something called dysplasia (pre-cancerous cells that can be naughty if ignored) so my doc is starting on me these freezing treatments that should do the trick. just call me the ice queen : )

before i would have been angry and scared out of my mind but something in me is preventing that this time around. i just went on uber "love your life" mode. i've been talking to friends i haven't spoken to in quite some time, hanging and laughing with people i hold dear, taking care of my bawd by exercising as much as i can squeeze in, getting flirty with a cutie patootie boy...you name lovely and i'm doing that. : )

today i went over to my girl e's parents' home and we ate yummy wonderful food (my famous banana dessert for the after party) and just hung out. i actually colored for an hour or so. her mom does it and says it's therapeutic so i figured why the heck not. i feel rested, relaxed and great...i'm totally ready to do this darn thing tomorrow. i got all my errands done...food is in the fridge. if i'm down for the count for a bit i'll be well-prepared to handle the nasties.

like yael said in her song, i'm making every possible mistake but boy if i'm not experiencing some major joy along the way. i'm living life and life's living me. :)

(i just saw star trek yesterday...i'm kind of on a kick now)

it's totally a "live long and prosper" mentality being upheld in the tish household.


  1. Love the Spock reference and lesson. :)

    Fire and ice baby! Kachow!!!


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