a speakeasy

so last night i went to a poetry thang in support of the guy who runs my acting workshop. there's just something about hearing grown "A" men and women up on stage pouring their hearts out that drives a gal wild with creativity. it's so inspiring and you can't help but get poetic with how you talk and think about things. like for instance..."i'm tired" becomes "the blues of the night come and blanket me with zzz's" and "that is one beautiful man" becomes " a criminal entered the room, shot into my eyes and kidnapped my heart"

it just doesn't get any better than THAT!

i was having a so so day yesterday and wasn't doing so hot on the guy front (i've become the proverbial friend to all crushes) so i decided to a snag one of those platonic cute friends and head to where words like "friend and platonic" don't make sense. it was great....dark bluesy atmosphere with a sweet little stage and talent to boot. i never did get to see the guy perform that i actually went there for but i still saw some amazing talent, singers, poets, comedians and musicians...it was a cool time and definitely a good catalyst to get me writing again. (have you noticed my once daily blog has dwindled? so sad but i'm boring now)

i brought my poetry book to work today...i'm just in a love jones kinda mood...hope i don't freak people out with the speakeasy mode i can't seem to shake : )

co-worker: hey do you have that tpp report?

me: in my hand sits the end of mystery, the beginning of know and the period to your question.

peace and love poets.


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