soul & sun tans

ahhhhh....akuna matata

i've just spent my saturday morning laying by my pool...soaking up the rays for a bit of brown skin. (just enough to alert the presses that i am indeed a woman of color)...i'm listening to seal's new album "soul"...nothing like some sexy man voice sangin' "here i am (come and take me)" to wake up the body and brain.

i plan to make an egg/avocado burrito, hop in the shower, run to the grocery store for some more goodies for the weekend and possibly get into some tom foolery with my bud e and maybe later tonight don and my cousin shelly...

it's just a good day to daydream about mojitos and sundresses and leave the stresses of work and whatever else behind.

mojito cheers to weekends spent swirling around soul and sun tans.


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