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so i received this delightful text from my gal pal laura this morning. she listed three things about me that she loves and they were really sweet & perceptive things that made my heart glow a little bit.

ironically she mentioned that it's the small things that bring me the most joy... and gosh darn it her small little morning gift definitely proved that's the case.

i think it's good to list the small things in life that bring ya joy...pluck them out on rainy days and let the little things work their magic.

i love when i'm able to stick my head out of the muck, realize i'm happy and just live in it...roll around in it and soak it up. love it even more when good friends are the root cause.

we're coming up on the weekend. i don't know if i'll head to my acting class or not...still think i'm in break mode. might lay by my pool, read a snazzy book and hang with some good peeps i've been meaning to gab with...

oh yeah oh yeah.

p.s. i went and watched "obsessed" with a friend tonight. we got sushi (my fav thing to eat), laughed our butts off making fun of the problems we claim in this world. then took that laughter to the theater where we proceeded to laugh at my ridiculous need to jump at something i expect to be scary (this was just the previews ya'll!) , beyonce's bad acting (still love her though!) and my need to consume a reese's pieces every time the stalker crazy lady did something stalker crazy. i'm full now--tummy, mind and spirit.

...little small things that add up to a good day... a really good day.


  1. That does sound like a good day.

    And that movie looks so a really movie kinda way. lol.


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