in my quiet little corner

in my quiet little corner, in my quiet little room
i sit and ponder thoughts carefully in bloom...

(shout out to cinderella)

this has been a really interesting weekend. i've been writing (A LOT) for a project i've been working on and it's totally sparking my interest in writing from the gut.

i tend to edit certain emotions...actual accounts, etc. for my blogging audience. (it's human nature) but i'm feeling anti-pinnochio today. as i sit here in my charming little bedroom, listening to selena sing "i could fall in love..." i contemplate long and short term goals in my life. no lies, no nose stretches.

my cousin wants me to take a trip to costa rica with her at the end of july. i've never been on a real vacation in my adult life...(vacation being i get on a plane for more than a weekend and actually relax and do nothing) so i'm thinking i might just have to suck it up, get out the credit card and do the darn thing.

boy issues...mwahahaha ahhhh...the guy issues. i have this weird screwy guy situation where he digs me but not enough to date me. make sense? keep up. and another guy situation that is cool and swell but makes me feel incredibly boo boo because you should only like one guy at a time, right?! ugh.

so yeah now that joni mitchell is telling me she doesn't really know love at all i feel better in my quiet little room in my quiet little place in one gets this stuff i'm guessing. it might be bad but i think i'll just worry about me for awhile and let the guy situation play out however...and if it bites me in the butt one day for napping in the back row then what least i'll be rested : )

acting is this... i didn't go to class and don't know if i will go for awhile. i wrote a guy i went on a couple of dates with about some voice over work...he gave me his cell and told me to call him (gulp) we'll's the closest to acting zest i can get. for so long that dream of mine was so bright and clear and it burned so fiercely inside me i had no room for doubts but life's allusions are clouding all of that.

i wonder what my purpose really was for moving out here if not for acting. i know i was supposed to get out of the midwest most definitely but...

contemplating can be a scary scary short and long term ponderings are on my mind...but it's easier to swallow being that my ipod's shuffle is cranking out some goodies and the best breeze in cali is passing thru my window.



  1. Rest is good. Rest away and focus on you. The rest should fall into place, right? :) The boys will always be there.


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