happy hormone seeking

my oh my, how i love me some oprah!

so before i even decided to spend my evening reading my latest o magazine i had this crazy itch to write a blog that just listed lovely sayings that had made my days thru out the week. then i read this BRILLIANT article in the may issue about lifting your spirits and now it makes perfect darn sense. type type typey away!

so basically in a nutshell the author talks about how human happiness derives neither from external validation (boy don't we know that!) nor solely from within, but from "between": through the relationships created by love, work and "'something larger than yourself".

different lovely catalysts are listed such as looking at a favorite painting, watching inspiring and sweet youtube videos of people helping, loving, etc others...the theory of "hiving" is brought up as well...basically we release these lovely hormones when we do things as a group...sing together, laugh together, cry...etc. (i.e. every time i go to the movies and the whole theater erupts in laughs i walk out skipping..now i know why)

so yeah i'm down with finding the in betweens that uplift my spirit...HECK YEAH!!!

so a list my friends...partly inspired by the article and partly by my joy odometer.

the book charlotte's web--that's some good friendship baby

amy tan books--i love books that cause me to laugh out loud and i ESPECIALLY love books about women who find strength and kick arse in their lives

cinderfella--the movie seriously cracks me up...jerry lewis..love the guy

beaches--come on. aren't we all just hillary's and cc's?!

steel magnolias--you flippin laugh and hysterically cry thru out the whole dang thing...either one or the other but you mostly laugh

love actually--i can be sitting at my desk at work, perfectly quiet and just blurt out "oooooo would we call her chubby?" and my coworkers will bust a gut laughing

thinking about standing in a huge massive huddle for the obama inauguration--j and i froze our tails off but it was probably the most wonderfully miserable time in my whole life

quotes that leave me feeling quentessentially queenly:

"we cannot live alone; we cannot find our own meaning alone. we realize our potential, we become alive, only when we find the 'between'."--jessica winter

"all you can do is show up for someone in crisis. your there-ness...can be life giving, because often everyone else is in hiding." --anne Lamott (i love the simplicity & complexity of 'there-ness')

"the world i want begins with me"--Yoruba proverb

"hold fast to dreams for if dreams die live is a broken-winged bird that can not fly"--langston hughes

"oooooohhooooo my tendors"--kung fu panda


  1. I LOVE that line from Love Actually. "Just in cases" is a good one, too. ;)

    I love that proverb!!!


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