finding some joy

how zany crazy is it that i resolved to find more joy in my life for the 2009 year and today was so full of the darn stuff i about exploded over with good stuff.

a guy i work with has no fam out here so for his b day today i got the dept these lovely pastry concoctions that seriously were the most fancy schmancy sweets i've ever seen. people didn't want to eat them they were so pretty but it seriously left everyone laughing and saying "mmmm" which popped out my joy with the quickness. the birthday boy took pictures of the goodies and sent them back home to his parents to see...made my heart melt a little.

then after my work out i saw a girl from work walking in the heat so i screamed out at her (yeah i'm obnoxious like that) if she wanted a ride, which of course she accepted and i felt the joy again.

i'm just bubblin over with the stuff. i'm about to go out with some friends to a pub down the way (that i LOVE) and drink some water (meds don't allow it foos) and i'm still gonna love it. that's just what happens when you catch the joy bug.

move over swine flu...there's a new contagion in town!


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