an affair to remember


e.b. just left...a long visit to the west coast is now over. i can honestly say that i had LOW expectations of the weekend. i planned nothing big...i totally wanted to keep things chill and they most certainly did.

i don't know if i've told the story of eb but we've known each other for a couple of years now and before this weekend we had only met in person one other time. (gotta love the internet) he's the guy i can talk to about anything (and i mean anything). we've had this weird confession-like wall of distance between us for so long that we've grown quite comfortable with that approach and it didn't go away once we were hanging out.

his first night here we ate frozen pizzas and stayed up talking until early in the morning (catch up!) saturday we went to the beach, ate sushi...laughed our behinds off and then split over to melrose for some ufc fighting action. i have to admit i wasn't too fond of those plans initially but it ended up being HUH-LARIOUSLY fun. two shots of tequila each and we were a ball of joy lol. yesterday we went to the grocery store and acted like fools...i tried the kill bill five-finger death punch on him and then forced him to take five steps...he started walking and when i screamed out "no no! stop!" this dude walking beside him freaked the heck out lol...i mean what could possibly cause danger in the super market lol...we laughed so hard we almost peed our pants.

i took him to roscoe's because the dude was seriously buggin over some chicken and waffles and then we went to this fun event i LOVE to go to called cinespia. it's the movie in the cemetery event that i've done a couple times before. we got there pretty late so when we saw a line going down the street of santa monica blvd and around the block we were a little scared...we actually were one of the last groups to make it in...CRAZY! we set up our blankets and ate cheeses (one was a cheese with apricot chunks in it so good!) and fruit, drank wine and just enjoyed "dazed and confused" under the stars. d, e and my gal pal from work kat all made it out and everyone got along really was just nice.

i'm still in the nice daze. i had to have him at the airport at 5:30am (mind you we got home at midnight). still haven't really processed that he's gone but i do know when you find a friend that you can show all your sides to, you're doing pretty good. the man went and worked out with me and even hiked!!! lol i'm a bit twitterpatted.

his story will definitely be a "to be continued..."

memorial weekend 09: it will go down in the books as being a damn good weekend. pictures to come!!!


  1. Good title. :)

    Sounds like a perfect weekend! I can't wait for the pics!!!

  2. looking forward to pics, my dear!


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