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one of my gram's email quotes stuck with me this week...

"You must learn how to make it on the broken pieces."

...it's a beautiful way of saying ya have to "woman up" and deal. this week i accept that crap stuff will come and it will go and while it's happening i'll skip amongst the broken pieces...improv a dance and do my own thang.

i'm reading this amazingly sweet book by maya angelou "letters to my daughter". she writes these lovely letters to all her daughters of the world giving them pieces of her life (the broken pieces that made her the person she now is)

she came right out and said "stop complaining" and by golly i'm gonna do what she tells me to do. i respect the lady...i think she knows a thing or two ; )

i searched frantically for things that would bring happiness..i picked up some good books that i knew i could devour (if ya ain't eatin' the pages, it ain't the book for ya), i searched for new music that i could get lost in (check out asa), i worked my arse off in my abs & leg work out class...i've taken some long showers...had lovely conversations with friends i love dearly...it's all helped.

finding joy in the small things...


  1. Your grandma totally rocks. What a neat lady. Hang in there, kid. Everything will work out for the best in the end...

  2. What a great quote...I love your gram.

  3. she really is a hilariously awesome woman. keeps me entertained for sure.

  4. When I went through a hard time a couple of years ago--I lost several friends, family members, and my really awesome grandma all to illness, plus I had just graduated with a specialized degree in a small and highly sought-after field, had no job, tons of debt, was living in a way expensive city--I didn't know what I was going to do. I thought that all of the preparation and dreaming and everything hadn't been worth a darn... I was so ready to move back home... but I knew that I would be giving up if I did that and all the people that helped make me who I am--like your gram does you--would support me no matter what, yet still wanted the most of what I wanted for myself.

    Eventually, slowly but surely, things turned around. It didn't come easy and I can't necessarily pinpoint when things shifted, but they did. They will for you too! Every moment of our life, good or bad, enjoyable or horrible, makes us who we are and lead us forward to the next place we are going... I'm sure the same is true for you and your best self is just around the corner, whether it's LA or somewhere else! You can't live backwards and if anybody has the stubbornness and tenacity to make the life that you want, you do!


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