right month to write a poem


A poem is pulsing thru my head

It’s breaking from my heart,

It’s moving in and out my veins

Burning me apart

It’s leaking onto pages and pouring out thru tears

This poem is exposing every hurt,

every nightmare every fear

It’s telling him to listen,

It’s murmuring the truth

It’s clawing for some easy

Demanding blood sweat and tooth

This poem has hidden in the baggage

Paused in every new open door

It’s turned me into ice

Frozen the pain into my core

This poem holds me captive

Spells me out of sleep

Witches me into telling him

my happiness he can’t keep

This poem’s pain morphs into my soul

Creeps into my brain

Convinces me to share these thoughts

Logic cathartic novocain

I’m numb to the consequences

That a poem like this creates

Maybe a random read

Will help out all our fates

Let this poem scratch and claw him

Shred his ego and his id

Break a cycle I’ve held too long

of expecting man slash kid

I’m tired of this poem

It’s cliché as hell I see

I just spoke my poem’s destruction

In order to salvage pain free me

2:39 a.m. tm


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