nauseated but still laughing

we are not our sicknesses...we are not ailments...

this is a hard statement to say and mean. when green faces take over, our brains tend to zone into whatever's keepin us down and it's hard to remember that it's not the end all.

the meds i'm on have made me a sick puppy lately and therefore i haven't been the shiniest star on the report card but today i kinda got sick of focusing on it. i mean it was still very apparent that my body was going in a different direction that my upbeat optimistic noggin but what soon as i got an appetite, i ate. as soon as i ate, i could crack jokes and then it was over.

b and i grabbed some starbucks over a work break, hung out after work, ate on the floor in her living room and talked about boys and giggled for a couple of hours and all the green faced me melted away. i was back to my old goofy ridiculous self and it felt so good.

laughter really is the best medicine...sorry for the lame cliche but it's true! (and for some reason i know have milli vanilli stuck in my head.)


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