hot head

oh i have to talk about one more thing...

so the older i get the nastier i get i've decided. yesterday b and i were dropping off my cuz and her delightful (and entertaining Africaan friend i might add) pinky in huntington. we parked the car behind someone kind of cooky but b stood by the car for literally 5 minutes while waiting for me to get my keister out of dairy queen (rootbeer freeze...mmm)

i walk back to the car and as we're pulling out this man comes up to us and says, "i hope you're leaving" (twitch twitch from tishy)

as politely as i can muster i reply, "yes we're leaving" to which he yells back "if i ever catch you here again i swear i'll tow you"

hmmmm...simmer simmer simmer...BOIL expletives come piling out of tishy's mouth. "we're not coming back here again you #$!@$@J"

was that necessary? how many licks does it take to turn me into a ranting loon? how disappointing latisha. but i couldn't help it...i mean we were there for 5 minutes and the dude was no where...i swear he just felt like instigating some sort of fight club scenario with two obviously coachella-ed out chicks.

tsk tsk tsk. i was seriously heated for a good 30 minutes lol and while i knew this was absurd (no one should be able to raz us that easily or that quickly) i kept on.

to borrow a great line from steel magnolias "the older you get the meaner you get. well the older you get the uglier you get" all applies. lol


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