engagement party old school style

today was a darn good day. not only did i have a great time at the acting workshop i've started to attend on saturdays but i just got back from this awesome engagement party. life is fun.

this acting workshop was great...no matter where you are in your life, no matter how intelligent, successful, etc else you are you must always remember that the grasshopper will one day school the teacher. today in class we sat in a huge circle and discussed the business of acting. it was good to share stories with people that keep it real, leave out all the pretentious bull crap that destroys my attention span and are eager to help...i repeat--EAGER TO HELP! lol.

it was an informative morning that left me feeling empowered...as opposed to feeling even more overwhelmed and powerless.

the engagement party consisted of home made gumbo, monkey bread, great aunt renee and others who made my time in ladera heights unforgettable. my dear friend gale and her fiance got the whole gosh darn wonderful fam together..we laughed, drank, ate and swayed to "ain't no woman like the one i got"...it was such a fun night. : )

i needed that considering tomorrow i will wake up bright and early and go run 13 miles...lol hopefully i stored that great energy. we'll see tomorrow! to be continued...


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