today is the day my friends and things are CHECKIN OUT! i'm doing good..maybe even great on this fine monday morning. i'm a tiny bit nervous but i was up late last night giggling with b, which led to large amounts of coffee this morning so i could be on a numbing caffeine high who knows.

i think it's good to get out all the nasty stress & bad energy as soon as you possibly can. once you've done it...once you've exhausted every tear duct you turn into this amazing G. my approach to handling the boo boo in life may be a little odd but hey, it works.

this week hopefully i'll find out news on a lot of stuff...i'll find out whether or not i go to a film festival for my superb acting skill-y-ohs, i'll find out if i booked the job i went to a go-see for on saturday and hopefully i find out that my body is a-ok and totally c free. it's the trifecta of good news. can you dig it? (look up the word trifecta in the dictionary) it'll put a smile on your face...well if you don't apply it literally that is...


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