coachella 2009

ahhhh how i love a music fest.

i'm coming off of my coachella high this fine monday morning and i have to say i'm twitching just a little bit. how i miss the crazy cool people that made people watching some of the craziest fun i've ever had and of course how i miss the music coming from every flippin direction.

i won't bore you with crazy detail but seriously the place had musical stimulation pumping and pouring from every part of that huge field we were in. we heard some new stuff and most importantly some great stuff that i've always loved like paolo nutini and james morrison (special suprise duo with joss stone) it was SWEET! as dash would say.

b had me dancing to house music (i never thought that would happen, one because i don't like it lol and two because i don't have that kind of energy anymore--i mustered some up though) we laughed it up with my cuz shell and her totally entertaining friend (the man called pinky). watch for video of some of his lovely conversations lol.

we ate horribly bad for us good food (hurt so good) and plopped down in the grass from time to time to enjoy the cool sounds of the day and night.

my legs are aching today but it's worth it. reminds me that i'm alive and how every so often i'm lucky enough to do something new and fresh that makes my heart tingle.

anyone down for coachella 2010?


  1. Put me on your list for 2010. :) Ash was watching coachella on Tv the other cool. Definitely a major benefit of living in Calif.


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