ah man....bummer

so i came home to find this message in my lovely inbox:

April 22, 2009
Dear Actor:
Thank you for submitting your monologue submission to Film Life’s Star Project. Due to the high number of entries and only six finalist positions, we regret to inform you that you did not make it to the final round. Submissions were judged on overall performance and the highest six scoring actors were selected as the finalists. We greatly appreciate your submission and hope you will join us at the ABFF, June 24 – June 27, in Miami.
In honor of our actors, we are extending a special discount to you: $125 off the ABFF festival pass currently priced at $475 to give you a special rate of $350 when you register online. Please log onto http://www.abff.com and enter promotional code: SP125 at check-out. Please note that this discount is through the close of pre-registration, May 8th.
We look forward to seeing your work again in the future and hopefully meeting you in June.
Kind regards,
(protecting the innocent)
Programming Coordinator

i guess some things just aren't meant to be. man the life of an actor is shitty pardon my language...or maybe it's just me. i'm going on a tiny bit of sleep, a day filled with bad bad fights and break ups with a certain someone who i never thought i'd have bad fights and break ups with and some semi good semi bad health news...they say God gives us only what we can handle. i wish i could fake a weaker heart.

:( keep to the grind or hang up the towel? it's been such a rough day...i'll save that question for a safer day.

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  1. Bummer is right! Keep your chin up...tomorrow's another day. :) Thinking about you!


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