adventures of fart girl

spending a friday night like that of a 5 year old is a beautiful thing. so one of my girlfriends and i got together after work for some chill time with her son...the kid was cracking us up royally with his antics @ dinner but nothing topped him screaming out "fart girl get away from me" to his mother as he walked into a very crowded movie theater. there were two guys standing on the corner...they see the kid, then see his mom and then exclaim, "ewww". lol

my girlfriend was mortified but the stinker deserved it because she totally hot boxed in the car and almost killed us with her cruelty. (if you don't know what a hot box is turn to your neighbor and ask)

it only got better from there though. while watching the the dark...quiet all around us, the kid decides to do like mommy and let a HUGE one out... it even broke a bit to sound like two toots in one. LMAO. the guy to my left looks at me like I did the mess and my girl and her son are just crackin up laughing...

i swear my abs have never hurt that much from laughing. when you allow yourself to stop and smell the roses...along with the other not so sweet smelling things you open yourself really live and boy did i need those little jolts to start my weekend off right. anything to get a gal laughing.

call me gross...weird...sick sad and twisted but don't call me void of life : )


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