13 miles of freedom

oh how sublime it is to finish a 13 mile run you've been training for for the last 3 months.

this whole weekend was one long thought, "it's run weekend...what did i get myself into?!" i woke up yesterday morning and all the lazy bad negative thoughts started clouding my head: couldn't i just skip it? i had run enough...could i even make it after not having run any big mile sunday runs in 3 weeks.

i did it though. runs like that mess with your head...by mile 4 i was starting to go a bit crazy. just thinking, "ok only 9 more miles to go" will mess with you a bit. i did something no one should ever attempt. i ran the whole thing on a treadmill...by myself in an empty gym. without human interaction and interesting television to watch your mind starts to bug out a bit.

somehow though i kept running and running...totally channeling my best bud j. she had run the official real half marathon the day before. i had to make her proud...couldn't let her down...couldn't have done all those dang work outs 6 days a week for the past 3 months in vain..so i kept pushing and pushing.

j recommonded these energy gel things you squirt in your mouth to help you maintain energy and thank GOD she did...i don't think i would have made it seriously without them. i was a calorie burning fool after the first hour...i had nothing left to give.

i'm still in awe right now...when i made it to 12.90 miles i started to lose it a bit...i was laughing hysterically and started sprinting to pump out that dang last part and then i was done...it was CRAZY! i slept for an hour after that darn thing and today i'm probably not gonna be able to do my abs and leg class but it's all good. i beat out the negative little devil sitting on my shoulder thru out that entire run...i told her to stick it and let me be...

thank you j for getting me thru this...all the texts letting me know i wasn't alone in the hellacious training. love you!!!


  1. Hooray for you, Tish! I'm so proud!! As Jenn put it on her blog, that's a BFD! :)

  2. LOVE YOU!!!!! You seriously helped me so much, and I'm glad we could become runners together. And go crazy together. lol.

  3. Wow. Just wow. I don't know how you did it on the treadmill. I told Jenn during one of her long runs on the tread that I would never be able to make it on a treadmill. Heck, I can't even hit 35 minutes outside. Nicely done!

  4. lol i would NEVER recommend doing that to someone. it about drove me bonkers lol


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