spring forward

8 miles, a 5 hour shoot and 1 jamba juice later i can now break down the weekend in the proper tish way.

it was goood ya'll. friday was a little much. i was really nervous about the shoot that night...didn't sleep so well. woke up saturday morning HURTIN' but right before i left for the shoot i opened my Bible and turned to a random page that read "a glimpse of things to come: when all our best dreams will come true" (i have a student version)

i put the book down and smiled. whether this stuff produces nervous pangs or not i'm on the path i'm meant to be on...doing what i'm meant to do and that is a beautiful thing my friends. that little moment helped me get thru the first meet & greet with the photographer.

she was great by the way. this beautiful woman who used to model in italy who now shoots, is married to a musician and has an awesomely cool kid named paris (way before the socialite twit came along) who helped out at the beginning. she was just the kinda lady you want to know...she took me to a friend of hers who happens to be a big ass start from the young and the restless (can we say full circle?) this woman lives up in the hollywood hills in this amazing villa/mansion/mecca of home. i shot some there, at a park and in her studio and had a killer time posin' it up and transforming for the camera. i don't know what is about that lens but i get lost in it and che'nelle comes out to play (beyonce ain't the only one with an alter ego!)

the pics will be out in a couple of days and i can't wait to show the friends and fam the new stuff. she took some amazing pics that had me a bit teary-eyed. it's not every day someone transforms you from a catepillar to a butterfly.

after the shoot i met up with my girl e for a slumber party night. we grabbed good flicks, some yummy food and had a blast giggling it up...that is until i fell asleep DURING A MOVIE at 10 something...that photo shoot lasted 5 hours lol. it wore me the heck out!

i woke after sleeping for 12 hours and caught up on the 2 movies i basically missed lol...sorry e!!! you know i love ya!

today i ran 8 damn miles that nearly killed a sista and then napped for 30 and then hit the road with d for some "watchmen" action. i don't recommend the movie by the way lol...BOOOO! (but i do recommend hanging with my pal d...he pretty much rocks as a friend)

it was a good weekend. i got some business in, some fun and some good work out torture. i said this was my year...i still believe that. play time is over for the next week...time to memorize the monologue and get the career jumpin ; )

...we have the power to change so much. heck we can change the time and push it forward...we might as well push our careers too ; )

luv & kiwi...


  1. I'm so proud of you for the 8 mile run...that is awesome!!! I hope you plan to actually run the half since you're doing all this training! I'll bet you can find one the same weekend of Jenn's somewhere in your area--don't you think?

  2. Can't wait to see the pics! How fun!


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