sangria revelations

my oh my...sangria sho can bring the blood to a boil...get emotions going and force you to look at life with an intensity only alcohol's numbing effects can endure.

my kid sis and i had this intense conversation over dinner the other night with b in hermosa beach. we sat in an empty restaurant, plates of yummy spanish cuisine and a bottle of sangria pouring our hearts out and clearing the air in ways i've never allowed my heart to do in the past.

it's crazy how memories can be triggered and set off ...sort of the same way a land mine goes're strolling along, minding your own when something triggers a memory and you go off. when such scary times happen it helps to have your bests around to cushion the blow. i started out this week emotionally exhausted. i felt like my sis left too early...we didn't get a chance to finish what we started and keep the good stuff going that sprung from all the drama. hopefully it's a "to be continued". do you ever have those fire intense conversations with people? they seriously make you a better person if you really listen to what you're saying...what the other person is saying...

the kid sis is now engaged. i'm glad we're strong still because this is such a great surreal experience...the kid sister is marrying...and marrying a really good guy that makes me sleep better at night knowing he's taking care of her.

it's been such a weird week. i think starting running back up definitely helped lol. we all need some way to clear the air i guess...when sangria and friends aren't available running is my next best thing.


  1. I'm so happy about her getting married. And I bet you talk to her tons during all of this planning. The emotional journey continues. :)


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