march madness indeed

Damn the Man!!! Damn him damn him!

My company just put up a firewall against ESPN...Some of you are shrugging your shoulders right now wondering why that's such a big deal. It's a big deal my friends because I need to check on my brackets...I need to know how the teams are doing because I checked NOT over the weekend. Yeah, yeah yeah, it's my fault but my kid sis is in town. I don't think she would have appreciated waiting near a computer all day while I watched my points trickle in...hee hee

it's been fun so far though...having my kid sis in town that is. we went to pasadena when she first got here. had to introduce her to THE best hamburgers in the west...this little joint in old town called russell's. then we went to the house of blues on sunset with b for some birthday bash action. it was such a fun night...filled with shots, dancing, friends and mel's dining on highland. we both slept until noon on unheard of phenomenon. (pictures to come)

happy times. on the acting front...i spent the whole weekend stressed about this darn monologue i'm submitting to a film festival contest. i FINALLY have the final copy in my hands this morning...friday night i thought i'd break in two i was so distraught over it all. lol...dramatic twit that i am. sigh...

tonight the kid sis and i are going to dodger stadium for the world cup of baseball...forgot what that ish is called...can you tell this a sis activity? lol

happy monday!


  1. I would croak if my employer cut off my connection to the tourney! ACK!

    Glad you're having a fun time with your sister! :)


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