lunar lunatic

a lunar lunatic
looks to the moon
cries for peace
it can't come to soon...

the whole day felt like one big ball of bad my friends. everything and anything had me down and out...friends picking on me, birthday plans getting too complicated for my tastes, long hours at recognition for the 5 jamaican jobs i've been doing for the past 6 months. i'm so overwhelmed and sad that i can't cry. it's like i'm too full of worry to focus too long on one sad you ever have those moments? do you ever feel like a sponge that just can't squeeze out drops of water...just absorbing and absorbing stress with no release?

ugh...i feel like throwing up it's so terrible.

i know some of this is the big bad bright full (or almost full) moon out there and some of it is actually folks around me not realizing that i soak up all their ish whether i like it or not but either way there's a pending thunderstorm building in my eyes and the only way i know how to control it is to go to bed lol...sigh. first chuckle of the day.

i just need one tear to fall...just one and then maybe all the crap affecting me right now will evaporate. anyone got an onion? ever have one of those days?


  1. Hang in there Tishy! We all have days like those and thankfully things will be better with a new sunrise! I think going to bed was a good idea!!!

  2. I so have those kind of days. Pretty much had one Monday...just was too busy or tired to cry. lol.

  3. jen: lol i'm glad you feel me lady!

    k: bed was just the ticket!!!

  4. man, it's one of those unexplainable "tidal wave" days... and we're so often taught that we aren't supposed to feel so overwhemingly... "so"... but you know what? going to sleep, saying "screw it" or crying my eyes out often helps. i hope that my fellow "fishy" friend still has/had an awesome bday celebration.


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