the kellers have come

so my kid sisters are in town. as i type i see girlie things draped over chairs and countertops...markers of the events we've participated in. 

nina arrived first and we went to a birthday bash in hollywood, followed it up with a world baseball classic event at dodger stadium monday (where i managed to get my wallet stolen) and good food nights with friends for the rest of the week.

i feel like la has been a weird escape from the life i made and always knew back home. having my family here takes me back a bit but also cements the life i've made's real now. 

i had some set backs this week...i had this HUGE acting gig come up. my agent called me hysterically happy only to find out that it fell through. i've had my identity taken from kiwi wallet all that good stuff but i've still got these great ladies that pop in and out of my life...sisters that can't be stolen and will visit me where ever i go to remind me of who i am and where i come from. 

it's good to know.

pictures to come. hopefully HOPEFULLY i get some great acting news soon...i'm working behind the scenes to make things happen.


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