i see the light, the light sees me

today was a great day. i had pickles (aka mini fires ) i had to put out at work but cared i did not...i STILL had what bill withers would classify as a lovely day.

it all started with some grey clouds, a lot of rain and spilled cinnamon dulce hot coffee on my shirt lol...i looked down, saw my coffee lid sitting on the wet pavement, picked it up, put it back on my cup, congratulated my gangster-ness and walked into work laughing.

lol...that set the sassy mood that kept me going thru out the day. email boyfriend and i had a good conversation. his company might go under so he gave me his resume, i gave it to a guy who works in his field and there might be an opportunity for the brutha to come out here and work. it felt good to help out, ya know? this is such a hard time for our economy. we have to do what we can to keep everyone going...that's my motto. plus...email boyfriend may be a work boyfriend lol. (if that even exists) so heyyyyyyyyy

i had this amazing run today ( i run fast like the wind ) and most importantly, i am seriously GEEKED about acting right now. i'm geeked about finding the perfect monologue for the contest...my friends are so great. they're all helping me search and i even have my debate coach from high school going to districts this weekend in search of some good stuff. it all comes full circle...it all makes sense in the end.

i think the chain of events that lead to me sitting here beaming over my computer could have been whatever on any other day but for some reason i have the light...i'm seeing everything and anything thru eyes of hopeful goodness...i see opportunity and hope in my dream. i see good people at my job. i see the beauty in my friends. (i even hear the beautiful songs my girl laura recorded and let me listen to over the phone--i'm not the only one with dreams starting to take off and happen!)

i see how life can be once you turn on the light inside. i see the light...and the light sees me.


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