V Day Vortex


valentines day is fast approaching my friends. although i say it every year some of my pals still tend to feel a little "less than" around this specific holiday and i say NO NO NO! stomp your foot and tell that silly girl inside that she's being ridiculous.

whenever pressure surrounds something good it looses its luster for me and the same applies with this stinker of a day. when dating i don't give a stink about what we do for the day BUT for my gals i embrace it with open arms...cuz there's no pressure.

back in college one of the sista girls came up with the brilliant idea of having this party for the ladies. we had champagne and strawberries, listened to music, laughed, went out dancing at a bar. it was GREAT and i've tried to do that every year since...that is hang with my gal pals, enjoy their company and somehow lesson the power of the vortex known as the luuuuuuv holiday.

peppy le pew ain't stinkin up my buddies' day! oh no sir-ree!

i plan on taking b and another pal of mine from work (miss kat) out for a movie (he's just not that into you of course--what's a little truth for the luuuuv day) and some good din din grub followed by...you guessed it, a slumber party.

i love my friends. can't get enough of girl time. it's just really the best remedy for any kind of blues you may have contracted whether it be stupid boy blues, work blues, family blues, v.d. blues lol...i'm just saying!

anyhow. when there's no pressure it's just plain ole fun to spoil the ones you love rotten on such a day. i know we're supposed to do it EVERY day yadda yadda but the economy sucks so stick it! : )

it's fun to get creative with how you can express your luuuuv and if a day allows me to do that (without pressure!) then i'm all for it son.

luv & kiwi all you luv bugs out there.


  1. I love the girlie friend-based V day. But that first photo is a tad disturbing. lol.

    Oh, and, you won the Tracy Anderson Mat Workout DVD -- CONGRATS!!!!


  2. p.s. E-mail us at contact@fitbottoemdgirls.com to collect your winnings. :)

  3. ahhh! i won!? DONE DONE and MORE DONE! THANK YOU!


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