tikkun alum...repair the world

have i mentioned just how much i dig the movie, "nick & norah's infinite playlist"? it's just a feel-gooder. i watched it last night again with d and again was wowed by one conversation between the two main characters.

norah's talking to nick about this jewish idea she loves of tikkun alum. she tells nick that it means the world is broken into pieces and it's peoples' job to find the pieces and put it back together again. nick thinks about this lovely thought and states that maybe we don't find the pieces...maybe we are the pieces and we have to find each other.

it's a sweet concept that i'm gonna hold on to for the rest of the week. this week i choose to find my pieces. i've been losing the little pieces of myself that keep acting hopes alive. i spoke to my photographer last night...she has my looks down and we have an appointment for march 7th to beautify and shoot. i'm excited...also i'm gonna check out an acting class this saturday. i have a nice little monologue i'll start to go over tonight.

picking up little pieces here and there...humpty dumpty really can be put back together again.


  1. Who knew that movie was so deep? :)

    You've solidified it; I have to show that movie for movie night next.

  2. sweet! i love inspiring movie night suggestions!

  3. Good luck Tish on your endeavors


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