a spoon full of sugar

helps the medicine go down...

i'm taking lysine huge arse capsules for a fever blister (aka planet of gross) that has developed on my face...my grill ain't too pretty right now. even when i get super duper good about lying to myself...shoving the stress down deep deep into my cute suede boots i still can't cover crap up. my face never lies...gross face mcgee. 1/2 a spoonful of sugar.

someone recently asked me why i don't plan on attending my high school reunion...that little conversation required one spoonful of sugar.

realizing that i can't really call myself an actress because i don't act...i have to stop telling people that's why i moved out here. 5 spoonfuls of sugar.

the fact that i'm eating sugar. lol...i gave the crap up a while back and it was proving to be a good move on my part. cut out sugar in tea...chocolate, sweets in general. it was great. then v day rolled around in all its glory and i picked up the dang fork filled with chocolate cake goodness. i've had chocolate every flippin day since. i need a spoonful of splenda for that one.

these are piddly things but yet because i keep calling them piddly and chalking them up to nothing in the grand scheme of things my face is bubbling up with blisters. i have to release the sad stuff that just wants to pop up and pop out. so there you go.

there's been a lot of popping words in this here blog...maybe my fingers are trying to hint at something i should be doing to my face. : ) hmmm

anywho. lots of snazzy people get cold sores. one day if i'm big and successful with my acting career i'll make sure to shout that to the highest mountains..it's otay man. (and then recommend ice cubes)

and now to counteract my sugar intake:

i'm playing phone tag with a photographer. weeeeeee
my runs have been less than energetic this week but i've completed them. weeeee
i might have found a really cool acting class that only costs $5 a session. weeeee
i have no more chocolate in the house or at my desk at work so i can get into no more trouble. weeeeeee


  1. Man, you're knocking that stuff out with a one-two-weeee punch.

    That was a really lame comment, wasn't it? lol.

  2. na...not lame at all (hee hee)


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