what does it mean when you wait for something you love your entire life (well most of your entire life) and you find it but it's not yours to have?


i found THE kiwi stamp. but it's only for postcards. sigh...i don't send postcards people! who's cruel joke is that?!

some day...

beyond my above disappointment it's been a great weekend. i've been getting valentines day stuff underway (doing stuff for the buds) and now i'm watching the grammies while making veggie lasagna for tomorrow night. big d and ric are coming over to watch the ku/mu game & heroes. lasagna and good beer lol...i don't know what's got into me lately but i've been craving hef's like a mutha ever since i started running. weird...guess i can now run to get the gut off.

(today i rocked out 5 miles by the way)

it was just a nice peaceful weekend. : ) gotta love those


  1. I drank beer Saturday night because of a weird craving for it! And then yesterday after my run I had wine! wth? lol.

    And you'll just have to start sending postcards! :)


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