nobu is a yes boo

ahhh...i love unplanned heavenly days.

i know this is hard to believe but i just had a heavenly evening with none other than my ex, volde. (he hates the name and wants a change but it kinda fits him so i don't know about that...)

so here's the deal. for work we're having a v day potluck (so not my idea) so i decide i'm going to bring this heavenly concoction known as ceviche. it's one of my favorite things to eat in the world and the best stuff can only be found at these grocery stores known as vallarta where they predominantly speak spanish (a little known fact that gives me anxiety attacks since i don't speak spanish and i always feel like i'm being an annoying twit by walking up in the place and demanding some english) so i call up volde and ask him about how to ask for this ish (hee hee) and he volunteers to go with me and just do it. (nice!) and so to thank him i tell him i'll take him out for some grub so he decides on this great place in malibu called nobu.

when i say i've NEVER had food like this was sort of like the movie "simply irresistable". i kept putting food in my mouth and a new emotion would come out and i'd want to cry with internal happiness ( i really kid you not)

he ordered all 4 dishes and then dessert and we soaked it up. we talked about his current relationship (the man is happy and i'm honestly swelling with happiness that he's found someone that he can really be himself with) and my lack of relationships (lol...gotta love me and my phobias) i started getting a bit sappy at one point because it's really great to have gotten to a point where we can be good friends. that negative energy out there doesn't work well with me. (at all!)

so yeah me and my paranthesis are doing quite well tonight. i'm happy, full and ceviche ready for a new day!

2009 is great so far. i totally recommend the restaurant and can't wait to take my buddy j there when she comes back into town. this ish is right up her frickin alley! orgasmic food...who can resist?!


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