luv wrapped up

v day was so great. i'm still beaming hearts from my head. my girls really did rock it out. we laughed a million times, ate great food that left us full & happy and slumber partied our little brains out.

kat, b and i started off the day at the movies watching "he's just not that into you" which was so cute and hilarious (don't listen to the critics yo). it's a light sweet movie filled with some hilarious and sometimes truthful girlie oopses that we've all committed. a movie that can bring the ladies together...initiate simultaneous head nods...that's my kinda flick. din din followed where we ate some delicious food...we talked and laughed by the glow of the twinkle lights. i couldn't have asked for a better night.

for the slumber party i had some goodies waiting for more oink festing...we got giggly on champagne, one of us snored like a bear ( my lips are sealed on the name)

i can list all the fun stuff but when push comes to shove i loved the weekend because hanging with good friends is always at the top of my list. i think it was a good holiday this year. with the economy like it is i saw a lot more heart felt date nights...less huge obnoxious roses and more heart felt sentiments...people were seriously beaming in the streets of pasadena.

i loved it. gotta love love.


  1. That dang dessert looks so good...

  2. sounds like fun but need more food on that plate and hard liquor at a slumber party lol

  3. i'll keep that in mind for the next one!!!


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