if i'm being honest

if i'm being honest i will tell you how my weekend REALLY went...without omitting the ugly stuff. i feel like purging some honesty so here goes.

i LOVE my best friend. i love the gal for texting with me thru out the entire oscar show. she's great...beautiful and supportive and encouraging and...and...and i LOVE HER! i really don't know where i stand with acting right now. that's scary to say. i had that audition on friday and i didn't get it. i NEED to latch on to others' hopes and dreams for me when i feel like crawling up into a ball. fortunately my friend gives me ample luv 24/7.

i made contact with THE ex this weekend because i never stopped loving the dang man and i get lame and week at times. normally i'd never release that info...i'd never admit in my blog to being the girl who looks back. but i do from time to time. i've had insomnia two nights in a row and it's given me many late night hours of contemplating if i made the right choices in life...unfortunately he's my poster child for the other life. oh how cruel and torturous those hours can be for me.

i saw some not so hot movies this weekend (push & that stupid madea film) BUT i went and saw each one with lovely friends who made bad movies good times. (magicians of sorts)

i had my monthly happy hour night with two friends from work friday after the audition. we drank $5 beer in 32 oz mugs (i kid you not) and ate yummy pizza and these garlic thingies called knots. we laughed, talked, confided and then went to a cute little boutique i love on ventura and bought pretty necklaces . it was nice.

and that's my weekend in a nutshell. some weekends i chill HAWD and still have emotional upheavals. this was definitely one of those weekends.

slumdog millionaire rocks! and the speeches this year ROCK! these people have me bawling in my living room!


  1. The Oscars mean so much to me because of you. :)

  2. i know its your field, but i cant watch an awards show - you best friends sounds great


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