huff & puff mentality

so i'm thinking the big bad wolf was misrepresented in the 3 little pigs. i applaud the canine for his persistance. i mean ya gotta love a guy for trying..."i'll huff and i'll puff and these walls WILL come down"

(lets just skip the part about him not gettin thru the the real story the dude got some dynamite)

i want to be a big bad mama jama wolf. i wanna break down walls. last night i attended one of my now infamous workshops and again the casting director stood in front of us and said "a million people in la want to be an actor. out of that million only 2% make it. out of that 2% only 1% have talent. i'm here to discourage you because it's hard".

lol...b just happened to be with me this time. (she wanted to see what it was like which was a really great gesture in my opinion) she laughed at how dark it can all be. you really get shredded in those environments. you have to develop wolverine-like healing properties and pick yourself up pretty darn quickly.

even though the pep talk may have been a bit on the dark side i got a lot out of that workshop. i was really debating what to do with my refund this year. pay off credit cards or use it towards modeling pics...i will now do the modeling pic route and then also sign up for some acting classes at this famous studio. it's a good investment...the reason i moved out here and totally worth it. i want to be better. i want to be damn good so i'm gonna do everything in my power to get this dream a'movin!

our wake up calls can come at the best of times. i like that something great came out of last night.

courage is not the absence of fear they's the ability to look it in the eye and say "i got you trick" least that's how i remember the quote : )


  1. I love that thought about fear. It's totally true. Now go blow down that town, girl! :)


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