friday the 13th...mwahahahaha

what a glorious day! i love friday the 13th! i was born on a friday the 13th therefore these kind of days are quite lucky for lil ole me. i woke up this morning and giggled. i watched the chaos around me while driving to work and pleasantly decided it had nothing to do with me.

i'm still riding off my good grub high and it's friday dang it. today's gotta be a great day!i have to run 4 miles...this bothers me not. i had a dream about my best bud's hubby that was quite disturbing but i'm good lol...i'm good.

i'll be interested to hear people's stories about the weird cool things that have happened to them today. mwahahahahaha....

i plan on enjoying the crap out of my 3 day weekend and making plans with a photographer to take new modeling pics. how fun is THAT! plus i get to sign up for new acting classes. you heard right...the refund check came in!!!

i love life.


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