i really don't enjoy irony.

i've been dealing with pangs for babies for awhile now (i know i know...)
i've been dealing with stupid fever blisters for two days now.

lets just go ahead and combine those two joys and make tish want to crawl up and die.

i got a call from my agent at work today. i have an audition tomorrow and she doesn't care that i have fever blisters she wants me to go...and to top it off i'm supposed to be this cute "fresh" new mother. isn't that great?!

i think it's great. i love the fact that i'm about to make a complete arse out of myself tomorrow. i give tiny props to myself for going through it and puttin' the pride to the side but only tiny ones. when push comes to shove i'm just really afraid of my girl agent. lol

i kid you not i was sitting at work today thinking to myself, "man it'll be great to do nothing this weekend but heal my damn face...glad i don't have any auditions!" and voila! there's the text from Sammy. woo hooo!

i can't figure out God's humor right now. if i burst out in tears when they hand me the fake baby it ain't my fault!


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