black angels over tuskegee

i have to start with a disclaimer:

i have never been a theater girl. i've just never really been able to suspend reality and forget i'm sitting in some cold theater watching people do whatever on a black block.

i have just seen a play that has changed all that. i have THE worst migraine right now from all the crying that i have been trying to fight for the past hour.

i saw this play called "black angels over tuskegee" down in north hollywood and i swear i can't shake the emotions those actors put me through. the writer, layon gray, is a beautiful writer...words can't describe the guy...(maybe he'd be able to write something more accurate for me lol)

it was just one of those stories of life...all the beautiful ins and outs of the black experience that i hold dear to my heart.

i seriously want all my friends to see this play...just because i feel it's my duty to share this kind of honesty, history and truth with those i love. a tuskegee original was there in the audience and he said a couple of words after the play was over. it brought him back and brought him to tears (in his words). he's going to be in george lucas' movie about the tuskegee airmen soon and is championing for all the men in the play to have a part in the movie...yes, it was THAT good ya'll.

what a day...filled with passion for acting i haven't had in quite some time.

advil...where is the advil?


  1. You're going to the theater side...I'm so curious about this. Want to see!!!


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