a baby's name

it's not like me to go so long without a blog but life's just been a consistent and lovely ball of contentment. no highs or lows until now...you know i have to bring an extreme. (extreme joy that is!)

so i've been dealing with unwarranted crushes, unrequited love and plain ole misplaced emotions coming from every direction. if you know me personally you know this ain't nothing new but a baby puts everything in perspective. dramatic randomness? yes, but i'm getting to my point so it's ok.

so my cousin sarah had her baby girl recently and she named her mary after our grandma who is one of my favorite peoples of the world. she's the woman who saw a lost little black girl and decided to give her a healthy good dose of her culture. my cute white gram didn't have to do this but she's a hip chick...she's got it like that. i could always count on her to send me the good books. books about my identity, books about women, young women, black women...you name it. she was just that wise cool soul and now my darling cousin has decided to honor that glorious woman by giving her wee one her name. sigh...my heart decided to burst tonight once i saw the pics of her and then read her name in the captions.

heck i'm STILL crying!

at the end of the day another wonderful girl is in the world...and that is all that really matters.

love you fam bam! thank you for keeping me centered.


  1. aha! but it's me who has the crush on someone my good sir! mwahahahaha

  2. Awww, awww, awwww!!! Your fam is great.


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