unexpected sheroes

for some reason i always assume my sheroes will come in an older package. at least older than me. i know...i'm still quite the naive one.

my darling kid sis decided she'd break the mold and become one of my favorite ladies in the world. she graduated from college, decided she needed a year off before grad school (the chick wants to study latin...), and is currently in south korea visiting friends and experiencing the world.

she just took life by the balls and started dancing to her own tune. i love that. it makes me happy to see girls living life and enjoying it the way my sis does. we are g chatting right now and she's telling me this story about a korean boy she's staying with. she brought him a watch and when he got it he started weeping he was so thankful...i don't know if it's estrogen overload for me but i got a little teary-eyed over that one. it really is the little things that count the most.

sheroes come in all shapes and sizes, all ages and suprisingly they live in the hearts of our kid sisters some times.


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