tonight is your night...tonight is your night bro

1.02.2009 i love thee oh friday nights.

while some cringe at the thought of being dateless on the night of endless possibilities i laugh at that assessment. (ha ha!) when you're single and twiddling your thumbs the best thing to do is actually go on a date. (with your girls that is) ; )

i find that when a gal doesn't have good peeps surrounding her, she makes silly boo boos like calling up an old punk ex or eating her weight in chocolate ice cream. it's a new year with new perspectives my friends.

i LOVE date nights with my gals. tonight miss b is coming over and we're going to scavenge the valley (specifically ventura blvd) for a new lovely restaurant we've never tried...then we'll probably pick up amelie from blockbuster and spend the rest of the night doing exactly what makes us most happy. these are how you build up your pools of strength my dears.

ya can't sit around. ya have to get up and move and do the things you love whenever you possibly can. if you keep doing these things with your gal pals you'll grow to cherish such'll look forward to them and most importantly expect them....which even more importantly means you won't put up with boo boos from exes or empty ice cream containers....ahhh see how that all works?

friday + friends + a desire to laugh until your abs hurt = smart

i love me some endless friday possibilities!


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