tickle scalper

so i was on the treadmill today (week 3 has begun. ran 3.5 miles!!!) and watching the tv in front of my noggin. i was just thinking nothing interesting ever comes on the darn news when a caption boo boo sent me snorting my little head off with laughs.

the news story was about ticket scalpers but instead the caption read "the academy awards committee is cracking down on tickle scalpers". now wouldn't that be a great job?! i want to steal tickles for a living...live on the black market of giggles. why not.

sometimes it's the "oopsies" that delight us most in life, don't you agree?

on a completely different note, j and i were discussing people or circumstances at our jobs that annoy us to no end. i asked for permission to slap on sight. to lighten the mood she told me about how this guy at her work totally made her day by sharing a nugget of knowledge with her. he said that the year of 28 ( j and i both turn 28 years old this year) is the "return of saturn"...which means....are you ready for this? the universe has to say "yes" to anything you ask It. so if you come up with questions you want a yes to they will all be answered with an emphatic yes.

HOT DOG! that's the best news i've heard today! how lucky are we?! if you happen to be turning 28 or are about to turn 28 heed saturn's good fortune. ask questions you want yes answers to.

will i become a serious professional actress this year universe? YES!
will i continue to find the joy in all things tishy? YES!
will i continue to be a running rockstar? YES!

does anyone else love this game as much as i do? i'm asking you all that. not the universe : )

i haven't blogged as much since my return from the land of peace (aka d.c. circa inauguration day)...my bad. training and work have left me a blob of sleepy but i'm still chuggin away at finding my joy every day. sometimes it's a late bloomer but i've been finding it : )

moral for today's blog: be on the lookout for the joys, inspirations & nuggets of wisdom in the little points of your day. ya dig it?


  1. Tickle scalpers! Oh dear, that made me giggle out loud, I kid you not. Those captions are always wrong...

  2. Yep. You gotta find the good and sometimes humorous, even in the most annoying.

    28 is gonna be great!

    (And congrats on your run, dearie. I had a hard one! But I asked the universe if I was going to rock out my 1/2 marathon, and it said yes. hehe.)


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