revolutionary road

is anyone out there a fan of ayn rand? i am, which surprises quite a few people. her philosophy doesn't really match well with the majority of my liberal views but i get what she's trying to say. i just find that in the philosophy's purity, it's unrealistic.

the same applies to this movie i just saw, "revolutionary road". i got the point...i just don't know if anything is looked at with that detail...or maybe i'm just too afraid to go there. i don't know but either way this movie produced some uncomfortable thoughts...

i think i could relate a little too much to kate winslet's character. if you've seen the movie we'll have to talk offline. i have to share some of this ish or i'll go insane. sigh...

it's scary hearing someone say the words you've said before....or hear the words you've feared thinking before.

what a day. i told a boy that was kind and sweet that i didnt' want to date him although he got an E for effort. (not really in a dating mood). i experienced another round of layoffs at my job. got so scared about the state of the economy i secretly promised i'd start considering marriage in the near future just to 'save' myself...and then saw this movie. lol...all thoughts, all conclusions all everything is out the door. lol i give up. i ran three miles today. i lifted weights and now feel like my body was pounded by a jackhammer. i laughed a bunch. cried twice. ate an apple and that's the way my day has been...a series of ups and downs, followed by a very thought provoking movie that may or may not save my love life and now a nice blog before bed.

too bad i had to give up drinking on school nights...tonight definitely would have deserved a glass of wine.

the crazy thing is...through all of it i still don't feel like my day was crazy bad. go figure.


  1. just wanted 2 say have a wonderful 2009 folk

  2. Sounds quite thought and emotion provoking...and I think you totally deserve a glass of wine on at least one weeknight a week. :)

    (And and you're breaking that rule next week! hehe.)


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