a mexico sunset

my beloved b is turning 30 this year folks and because that's a mile marker one should note she decided to go big.

big for b equaled a week or two in italy but unfortunately for the two of us we're not balling like that quite yet (lol).

FORTUNATELY she doesn't give up on good ideas. mexico in may...here we come! on a cold grey day that sounds beautiful. we plan to take off for a bit, fly down to the warm heavenly spot, grab some drinks and call it the good life.

i love looking forward to such things. i want to hear some spanish guitar and swish my toes in some warm water. i love life...i love life...my oh my how i love it!

all things happen for a reason. the missed modeling job in mexico city wasn't the reason i had to race and get my darn passport...it was THIS. don't you love how lessons of life unfold?


  1. A happy ending. :) If turning 30 means Mexico, I'm totally ready to turn 30. lol.


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