love at first site

i just had THE best new years eve ever!!!

i don't know if i mentioned before but i decided to go to my alma mater's college bowl in tempe, arizona (the insight bowl). it was a really random decision but the minute i got over the craziness of it all i loved it and loved myself for making that decision.

every year i go to a house party or whatever and watch the ball drop on the boob tube. i always feel this inate sense of loneliness that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth (not a good way to start out the year). i figured nothing could be better than going to a college event, celebrating a game i love and a college that gave me the brain i love and having a ball with people i simply adore.

so i did it. i went to work at the butt crack of dawn. i left at 11, drove to the airport, parked my dear car in valet and headed to my gate. i slept the entire time on the plane and arrived fresh-faced in desert land ready to end the year & begin a new one right.

i raced to the game, only missing the first couple of minutes and had a blast. one of my best friends from college, liz, was there. her fiance, a coach for ku's team, was on the field so she had no problem leaving her seat every once in awhile to come and chat with me. i sat with the gang i would spend the rest of my night with, maria, lyle, his sis and seth. we cheered for our team (who won by the way! go jayhawks!) and then hit the streets for an awesome block party.

we chilled at a bar and got sufficiently buzzed and then mingled with the crowds for a styx concert lol...i've never rocked so hard in my life lol..."whoa whoa whoaaaaa"

at one point as i sat listening to the awesome tunage and watching fireworks blast up above i felt this wonderful peace and i just knew 2009 and i would get along swell. i love the year already. it felt so cool being with other great people out to have a good time with no expectations or concerns. i loved talking to strangers, wishing people well, texting friends and sending them my love. it was just one of those pivotal moments where you know things are good and you've made a great step in a positive direction.

i landed in burbank an hour or so ago. i got some gas, stopped by whole foods, picked up some black eyed peas and came home to a lovely salmon, kale and black eyed pea lunch complete with white wine...ring the year in right yo!

life's about the choices we make and the perceptions we carry. you can see anything and everything in a positive light if you will it so.

i used to not believe in such absurdities (love at first site) but i'm coming around...lookin' fine miss '09.

finding the divine in little poem for the year. it's got a nice ring to it, yeah?


  1. I feel like we were together last night for it, ya know? And I'm so excited for this year, too. It's gonna be a good one.

    Some serious CHANGE! :)

  2. Happy New Year Tish, glad that it has already started out right for you!

  3. i completely agree...2009 has started wonderfully which is especially welcome considering how sucky 2008 was. I'm optimistic and hopeful at the start of a new year for the first time in awhile. Happy New Year my dear.

  4. Love your post, love the videos, love your outlook on the New Year! :)


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