i ran 2.3 miles!

this may sound like small potatoes to some of you exercise gurus out there but for a gal who's groove had gone goo that is flippin amazing!

i don't know if i mentioned or not but one of my best buds (j) is doing a half marathon and in support of her (and my heart) i decided i'd train with her. this is my first week and boy was i scared.

i officially got back in the gym last week to prepare: running and walking whenever i could.

this week though....ha ha HA! this week my friends i am a determined little beatle bug. there's this great site out there in the world wide web called that's kicked me arse into gear. i put one of the site's logo stickers on my car and i have to see that thing every day when i drive into work. i have a picture sitting near my computer too...all that signage makes for good signs that i have to do this and make my fit bottom a reality. inspiration comes in the craziest of packages i tell ya.

day 2 complete. 3 miles...done. my body's starting to get a bit sore but i took an advil and plan to go to bed early. i'm gonna be the queen of the treadmill. just you wait!


  1. I'm beaming with feelings of love right now. :)

    I'm so proud!!!!


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